Saturday, September 3, 2011

New Fiction Published at 10,000 Tons of Black Ink

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Notes from Denis J. Underwood, Online Managing Editor, for “The Day Laborer” by Dan Reiter

The rich descriptions in this excerpted chapter drew me in from the start. A sense of place, where dread lurks just below the surface, is firmly established from the start. The banter between the workers and the exploration of their cultural eccentricities bring to life an exotic locale and a unique slice of Americana. Here, there’s constant encroachment. Man toils to control nature and nature strives to take back what has been lost. How much time does Old Eddie have left? He’s lived a hard life. He’s wounded, like the crane. But he’s resilient and perseveres. There’s rebirth, rejuvenation, not only in Old Eddie, but in the way nature reasserts itself on the job site. I was thoroughly relieved to make it out of the swamp with Old Eddie. To see him happy.

Notes from Chad Peterson, Managing Editor, for “Shape-shifters” by Alison Grifa Ismaili

This story, for me, worked extremely well. It had a strong momentum from the outset that pulled me through the action with a sometimes violent energy. The family is depicted honestly and completely, but without over-sentimentalizing their situation or the strain in their relationships. Overall, I found this piece to be a thoroughly engrossing and very powerful read.

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