Thursday, January 17, 2013

New Fiction Published at 10,000 Tons of Black Ink

Before an accepted story is published, the author is asked to select another published piece on the 10ktobi website and write a short statement about the story, noting in what ways it might be provocative, insightful, interesting or impressive. The writer’s comments appear with an Editor’s Note as to why the piece was chosen. In this way, 10,000 Tons of Black Ink strives to promote dialogue between writers, editors and readers, and supports the writing community as a whole.

Read the editorial comments by Chad Peterson and the contributor comments by Ryan Werner below, and visit our website to read the full story.

Notes from Chad Peterson, Managing Editor
This quiet story of love and loss really struck a chord with me. The piece is beautifully delivered, and the understated tone matches the themes perfectly. There’s something wonderful about how this piece so perfectly describes the indescribable, and how the narrator seems forever just on the outside. That discord made the piece work that much more effectively for me. Really well done.

Comments on "The Car" by Wendy Fox, written Ryan Werner, author of “Trace”
In making room for the unexpected, we must adjust not our expectations—the old news of the situation—but instead adjust our outlook. In “The Car,” we see the importance of the present and near future bearing down hard on a couple who wish to master themselves separately and together. In the spirit of pioneers, their personal daily revelations turn beautifully into the possibility of success.